Assorted Gluten-Free Baked Treats (Box of 8) (GF)


Find two of the following in each box:

Dark Chocolate and Walnut Brownie - Delightfully rich, yet surprising light. These soft, moist brownies can be enjoyed on their own or warmed and topped with a dollop of cream.

Blood Orange Cakes – These flourless orange cakes are infused with a fresh citrus scent. They’re also dairy free.

Pistachio and Rose Cake with Raspberry Glaze – A sweet harmony of rose water, lemon zest and roasted pistachio come together to create this delicately fragrant dessert.

Chocolate and Cocoa Nib Cookies – These soft and chewy cookies are overflowing with chocolate goodness. You may want to have a glass of milk on hand.

Comes packaged in a box of 8 pieces.

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