Gourmet Box Buffet - Sides


Please select 2 sides from the following*:
(each dish serves 10 people - 1kg+)

- Roast sweet potato, potato, sundried tomato, shallot  GF NF DF

- Chunky roast marinated root vegetables, garlic, rosemary  GF NF DF

- Spring green vegetables, green goddess dressing  GF

- Rocket, pear, avocado, parmesan  GF NF

- Heirloom tomato, buffalo mozzarella, garlic crisp bread

- Asian slaw, seeds, nuts, soy  GF DF

- Best ever traditional Caesar  NF DF

- Wild rice, nut, apple, pumpkin  GF DF

- Chili green beans, broccolini  GF NF DF

*a minimum order of two sides is required to finalise your order - either order two of the same side or two different sides.*

Heating Instructions can be found here -> CLICK HERE 

A minimum three (3) day lead time applies to these products.

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