Gourmet Box Buffet - Proteins


Please select from the following dishes:
(each dish serves 10 people)

- Balsamic grilled portobello mushroom and eggplant (1.8kg) - $110.00
with garnish of tomato caponata, chimichurri  GF NF DF V
- Lemon, thyme, roast garlic chicken (1.5kg pieces) - $140.00
with garnish of harissa  GF NF DF
- Red braised XO pork (1.6kg sliced) - $150.00
with garnish of chili, garlic, Asian greens  GF NF DF
- Chermoula boneless lamb shoulder  (1.6kg sliced) - $180.00
with garnish of pomegranate yoghurt tzatziki  GF
- Crispy skin barramundi (1.4kg pieces) - $190.00
with garnish of ginger, chili, black vinegar  GF NF DF
- Gently hot smoked ocean trout (1.5kg pieces) - $190.00
with garnish of green pea, eschalot  GF NF DF
- Romesco roast lamb cutlets GF  NF (20 pieces) - $200.00
with garnish of blackened pumpkin, puffed seeds

*Prices includes GST

GF = Gluten Free, NF = Nut Free, DF = Dairy Free, V = Vegetarian


*Heating Instructions can be found here -> CLICK HERE


A minimum three (3) day lead time applies to these products.

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