Gourmet Substantial Cold Canape Box (15 Pieces)


Choose one option from the following list of dishes:


Cured ocean trout, grilled baby cos, whipped avocado, buttermilk dressing GF, NF

Grilled & Marinated Octopus, greek salad, oregano GF, DF, NF

Masterstock poached chicken, cabbage slaw, coriander & cashews GF, DF

Heirloom tomato, Bocconcini, basil, focaccia crumb V

Crying Tiger Beef, green papaya salad, toasted rice GF, DF

Ancient Grain salad, grilled zucchini, preserved lemon & pomegranate VEGAN GF

House hot smoked salmon, mixed grain salad, chardonnay cucumbers, saffron & dill emulsion GF, DF


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