Our Story

Located on the banks of the Hawkesbury River, Sydney’s original basin, the STIX Farm is home to award-winning produce destined for Sydney’s top restaurants.

Using regenerative agricultural techniques, the STIX Farm aims to continuously strengthen the balance of microorganisms, organic matter, and nutrients in the underground ecosystem of this beautiful piece of the land. At STIX Farm, we’re committed to improving how we farm, what we farm, and the food system within the hospitality industry.

By attempting to shorten the gap between the farm and the table, we aim to create meaningful, thoughtful connections between producer, produce, chefs, and consumers. Follow along on Instagram @STIX.FarmandEvents.

Farm Tours

From team-building activities, to masterclasses with our talented staff including founder and director David Allison, learn and understand where your food comes from with a guided tour of our organic farm, followed by a private lunch in the paddock using produce straight from the vegetable garden of STIX.


Danielle Alvarez, Author of Always Add Lemon

“It is such a joy to walk into the restaurant on STIX Farm’s delivery day. You can tell that everything has only just come out of the ground, sometimes with dew still on the leaves. I am so grateful to work with farms like STIX who care about land and soil maintenance, as well as delicious fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs.”


Josh Niland, Executive Chef of Saint Peter, Charcoal Fish, and the Fish Butchery

“STIX Farm is one of the most unique properties in Australia. Its position on the Hawkesbury has proven to be home to some of the country’s finest produce. At Saint Peter, it gives us incredible joy each week to showcase the STIX team’s deep love and hard work. The only problem I have is, I need a bigger restaurant so I can buy more from them.”


Jacqui Challinor, Executive Chef of NOMAD

“It’s an absolute honour and a pleasure working with STIX Farm and having them on our menu at NOMAD. When you see the farm and listen to the team talk about what they grow, how they grow it, and their commitment to sustainability and seasonality, you can’t not fall in love with the process.”


Corey Costelloe, Executive Chef of Rockpool

“When you picture a farm that supplies Sydney with produce, STIX Farm is what I imagine in my head. David and the team make sure the picturesque landscape matches the picturesque produce that he delivers just hours after he pulls it out of the ground. When you taste produce that fresh, you understand why David and the team go out of their way to harvest and deliver.”